Going hand in hand with our clients to achieve. We believe good products attract clients, and also we believe customers wouldn’t only focus on product price, they hope purchase products from the supplier who will care about them, care about their orders they placed, even a piece of fabric, care about their time they spent, even a single message, and every single they paid. In time and the efficient reply is one of the ways to keep in touch with our customers.


Good products come from perfect materials. We never tried to make money by cutting the quality, cutting quality only gives you lose of clients and loss of markets. We purchase all materials from qualified suppliers to meet the whole products specification whatever one bag or thousands of pounds of films. We don’t accept regranulated materials.


Every single managed procedure is for quality products. ISO9000 is our QA and QC guideline during our daily running, it has been kept in our mind from the founder to everyone on-site. More than 4,000 yarns of warps and woofs come from the very beginning of granular resin through shuttles to the Wide Round Woven Looms, every single procedure must be perfectly managed and controlled to ensure the right products delivered to our customers.


To care more about employees and their benefits are the basis of our aim to operate the business. Along the way, workers raised to managers and employees trained to engineers, they have been with us. We have been cared about them and cared about what they should get, while they made our investments successful. Yes, we very much appreciated.

Our Footsteps

Doubled Sales in 2017

So grateful to our Clients and our team for doubled sales in 2017.

Built Multilayer Co-Extrusion Blown Film Line

Built a 30,000kg per day (66,000lbs/day) film output Multilayer Co-extrusion Blown Film Line.

New PP yarn drawing machines

Purchase new PP yarn drawing machines for weaving fabrics.

New Wide Circular Looms

Purchase new 4,000mm (157 inches ) Wide Circular Looms, be capable of supplying flexitank outside PP reinforcement layer.

Moved To New Location

Moved to new location, doubled building area.

Enlarge Factory Scale

The owner buy new sets of Round Woven machines and stepped into Bulk Bag field.

New Factory Established

Built new small scale factory to manufacture woven sacks.

We just signed a contract with a new customer of ours to transport thousand of tons of powders in very short term, and found our previous supplier got problems of supplying us liners, we rushed Flexipack to see if they can make it for us as quick as possible. Thanks, they made it as promised, not let me down on this buy. It is real amazing service, will back soon.

Bryant L

Thanks for the Manager, he is so thoughtful on my order, really make me to meet our company’s urgent demand of this purchase. We received the container in time with full quantity and satisfying quality. Love this purchase!

Antonio H

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