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What We Are Manufacturing

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) made of PP woven fabrics is a various of big...
Flexipack manufactures colorful polypropylene wide round woven fabrics, included Polypropylene Fabrics for Container Liner, Polypropylene...
Flexipack manufactures polypropylene and polyethylene container liner. By using our container liners, you will extend...
Flexipack weaves PP PE Colorful and Solid straps for Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) Jumbo...
Flexipack manufactures colorful polypropylene yarns for our wide round woven fabrics, included Polypropylene Fabrics for...
Flexipack makes Blown Tubular Film in large fold diameter up to 4,000 millimeters (13 feet),...

Who We Are

Our factory has been founded 15 years ago, the founder has 3 decades of experiences in the field of plastic woven products.

Since established we’ve never stopped improving our facility and the market, while delivering finest flexible bulk packaging materials includes woven fabrics, liners, bags, and blown film products to our clients from domestic and overseas. More than 150,000 tons of products have been handled to customers in time with perfect quality and won a good reputation.

Where We are Located

Our factory is located in the central area where Sinopec Qilu Corp is seated, a famous city of petrochemicals.

Since the 1980s, Local Sinopec invested  in importing woven production lines and manufacturing resins, along with this trend hundreds and thousands of entrepreneurs built workshops here to make polypropylene, polyethylene, and other plastics’ woven products and blown films, then woven fabrics, bulk containers, bags, sacks and so on went from here into China market and other sides of the earth. This has been attracted an army of Engineers, Techniques, Operators, Workers from all over China. We are just one among, which has been well operated and cared by the founder and their staffs.